Welcome to our website - www.lakebrennan.com. We are thrilled that you have allowed us to be part of your decision to explore Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate.

Lake of the Ozarks is an awesome location. The lake covers 55,000 acres as well as 1,375 miles of shoreline! It is the largest privately owned lake in the United States. When full, the lake will hold 617 billion gallons of water. The watershed area for Lake of the Ozarks covers over 14,000 square miles.

There are activities that will entertain every family member; boating, fishing, water skiing, golfing, shopping,caving, dining and sight seeing. Of course just because you become a property owner, doesn't mean you have to stop the excitement. It may just come in a different form.


We look forward to exploring Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate with you.


Gary M. Brennan


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