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The Real Estate market is in transition. Since 2008 we have seen declining prices, increased inventory and decreased sales at Lake of the Ozarks. The numbers in 2012 were significantly different. Sales were up 14.5%, inventory has declined and prices are stabilizing. Real Estate throughout the United States has been experiencing the same recovery. 


Our market is transitioning away from the buyer's market that we have experienced for the last 4 years. Inventory reduction has buyers thinking that the house they saw yesterday may not be there in a week when they come back to the Lake. Many buyers have selected properties to see on Saturday only to have the showing cancelled due to an accepted contract on the home. We have even seen multiple offers on homes. How many properties have you saved as a favorite that are now currently Contingent?


On the selling end, Sellers do not feel a need to negotiate low offers. They know that a proper listing price should sell somewhere around the average of 93.2%. There is no sense of urgency to negotiate with a buyer that is unrealistic.


Outside of property and market specific activities, there is also the fact that interest rates are at historic lows. There is only one direction for the rates to go - UP.


We will continue to monitor Real Estate at Lake of the Ozarks and update you with pertinent and timely information.





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